Painters Direct sets the industries highest standards when it comes to stucco coatings. We have more than 20 years experience with insulating, waterproof coatings and repairing stucco. With over 2000 completed projects it's safe to say we are the pioneers and the leaders of stucco coatings in Winnipeg and the surrounding areas.

When contracting Painters Direct, you will receive the following ...

  1. A price that does not change at the end of the job
  2. Accurate start/finish date.
  3. Power wash of all stucco surfaces.
  4. Repair all stucco, loose, broken, missing and cracking stucco
  5. Caulk all window and door frames where needed.
  6. A two coat application that meets manufactures guidelines.
  7. A thorough cleanup of the job site

'Our services also include a full examination of your building or home. This will happen prior to any application of products. 'This will allow us to correct any structural issues, such as loose stucco, framing or condensation problems.

When contracting Painters Direct you will also receive an expert color consultation. We will not only ensure your home investment will stand the test of time, but this will also ensure that your home looks fantastic'.


  • • Insulating coatings
  • • waterproof coatings
  • • elastomeric coatings
  • • stucco/paper, wire, finish coat any style-
  • • stucco repairs/ broken, missing and cracks.-
  • • Painting/all aspects
  • • power washing/cleaning services
  • • repair/replace rotten woodwork
  • • remove window & door openings,and fill with stucco
  • • remove/replace fixtures, vents, spouts, awnings
  • • complementary touch-up kits and paints.


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